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Angela Merkel knows she must defuse Donald Trump’s threat to Europe

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Natalie Nougayrède | MARCH 17 2017

During his campaign, Trump had called Merkel’s migration policies “catastrophic”. Merkel delivered her own kind of blow, on the day of his…THE OPINION PAGE

Trump persists with the accusation about having been bugged

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Trump-Merkel press conference / Image via Google

These accusations come despite several ranking members of House and Senate Intelligence Committees saying there is no shred of evidence to support the…THE NEWS TODAY

By way of preface

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I had written for newspapers earlier, but serious journalism began in 1982. George Verghese, then editor of The Indian Express, asked Mrinal Datta…


A PM like Indira Gandhi

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In political practice, despite genetic lineage, Indira Gandhi was anti-Nehru. The masses, on the whole, adored her. But intra-party dissent was crushed; civil…THE OPINION PAGE

Water management makes Marathwada village green

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“You think vast vineyards are possible only in Nashik? We have grapes on nearly 1,200 acres of the 3,700 acres of cultivable land in Kadwanchi, because there’s water in our wells and farm ponds nine months of the year,” says Chandrakant Kshirsagar, 45, the village sarpanch…THE NEWS TODAY




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