In Graffiti Today

FEBRUARY 13 – 14 2017

Just like that only…!


“Bhaiji, the Railway Minister Prabhuji has said that China is way ahead of India in railway investment.”

“Arrey bhai, he ij asking for more money from the finance ministry…graffiti [The Reading Wall]

No one loves the farmer

Image result for up agriculture

UP is primarily a rural and agri-dominated state. More than 77 per cent of its population resides in rural areas; about 60 per cent of its work force is engaged in…THE OPINION PAGE

What’s in a unique number?

Image result for farmer and aadhar

Finally, if the aim was to ensure that unsold foodgrains are not siphoned off with “accounting dodges”, there are far simpler alternatives. Bihar’s barcoded coupons…THE OPINION PAGE

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