Inside Graffiti Today

JANUARY 22 – 23 2017

Fifth column: India’s eternal time warp


Image result for india at davos

Is India going to miss the bus yet again? I asked myself this question many times last week in Davos as the mightiest of our business leaders wandered about with doleful…THE OPINION PAGE


Across the aisle: It is a balloon, it is a kite!

Related image

It is the Budget season. The good, bad and ugly (ideas) will be on display. One idea that is in the realm of speculation is Universal Basic Income (UBI). The Chief Economic…THE OPINION PAGE

The President Who Buried Humility Related image

“Humbled,” each man said of himself, and while it was pure cliché, it was also what we wanted and needed: a sign, no matter how rote, that even someone self-assured…THE OPINION PAGE


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